Here at 7 Health & Fitness Elgin, we want to be able to offer individuals and companies a gym option that is flexible, easy to set up and with no hidden clauses.

Help your employees be fit and healthy with corporate gym memberships
– Better wellbeing
– Reduced sickness
– Low cost
– Something for everyone

About the Leisure Club
We look forward to giving you a warm welcome to our Leisure Club. Our team want you to feel part of the family and will always be on hand to help you with any queries. We can be flexible and fit in with your lifestyle to ensure you get the best out of your membership. Our fully qualified staff will be delighted to give you a welcome tour and discuss how to help you achieve your goals.

Call the Leisure Club directly on 01343 543 077

Sign up your business to enable all of your employees to improve their health and wellbeing through discounted gym membership. By providing employees with a benefit that encourages a more active and healthier lifestyle, you’re not only looking out for their health and wellbeing; but you’re also showing that you care as their employer.

To set up a corporate package or to find out more please email us.